We offer over 100 retro style games set on Free Play and are constantly adding and changing games to keep it interesting. Our games are "old School",traditional classic types. Bringing back some old memories and sharing them with the new generation. Show your kids what you grew up on and let them share in your experiences what you played as a kid!

Here is snippet of what we offer, we will try to keep our game list updated the best we can:

Motor Raid: 2 Player motorcycle racing game with left/right lean steering. This is one of our favorite games as you race head to head with a friend (or against computer) and can punch/kick your opponent off their bike in a high speed race to the finish.

Sega Daytona Motion 2 Player Driving Game

Cruis'n Exotica: 4 PLAYER RACING ACTION! This is the latest game in the cruis'n series with awesome graphics and really fun gameplay. It is rare to find 4 of these awesome games linked up together like we have.

Hydro Thunders: 2 Player boat racing fun. Choose your boat, track and hydro boost through the water to the finish line.

Arctic Thunders: 2 snow mobiles linked up together for a really intense ride. Feel the wind in your face and intense seat vibrations that give this game the touch of reality.

Alpine Racers 2: We have 2 of these really cool Ski simulation games linked up together for 2 player fun. Use your legs to steer the ski's side to side and race down the hill or through the advanced technical course.

Pump It Up NX: A fan favorite for all ages. Just follow the arrows on the screen and feel the beat of the music on this awesome dance machine!

Toyko Wars: This is a really cool 2 player tank simulation game. Drive your tank around the course and see who can destroy the opponents fleet first.

Vortek: This is a neat virtual reality type game currently featuring "Invasion Earth". Games will change on this machine periodically.

Star Wars Pod Racer: This is a must play fun game for all you Star Wars fans. Use the 2 handles to steer the ship and has a realistic space ship feel.

Route 66: Ever wanted to drive an 18 wheeler? Now is your chance, so hop into this big rig and race your truck down the road. This version even has nitro!

Road Burners: Another motorcycle racing game with lean and handlebar steering. 1 player only.

Pole Position cockpit: We rescued this game out of a local barn here in Erie. This game was trashed when we got it and nothing worked. After a full restoration, this classic game is ready for all to enjoy. Really challenging game play and REALLY addictive.

GTI Club: Now this is a unique game. The first racing game I have seen with a pull up emergency brake so you can drift around sharp turns like in the fast and furious movie.

FULL COURT FEVER: This is for all you basketball fans out there. Shoot hoops while the basket moves front to back and rotates to the sides. See who can get the high score.

LIKE SHOOTING GAMES? We have a whole row dedicated to shooters:

Extreme Hunting 2: Very realistic hunting game with 2 shotgun style pump rifles. Choose from a variety of animals to hunt and unlock new weapons.

Crisis Zone: FEEL THE RECOIL with this machine gun. Step on the pedal to duck/reload and release to spray the enemies with your machine gun. This game will make you feel like scarface!

Silent Scope 2: Operate a full size sniper rifle and complete your missions.

Police 911 2: Very interactive police game that detects your body movement so you can duck and dodge bullets while shooting the bad guys.

Ninja Assault, Police Trainer, Carnival King, Area 51, Area 51 Site 4, and Virtua Cop to add to the shooting game list.

PGA Tour Golf: This is the best Arcade golf game hands down. Blows away golden tee with graphics and game play.

Tekken 4 and Ultimate Mortal Combat 4 for all you fighting game lovers......

We also have several classic games for you old school gamers:

Space Invaders Deluxe, Pac Man, Golden Axe, kangaroo, Arkanoid, Heavy Barrel, 4 player Desert Assault and Metal Slug 4 (more to come)

PINBALL: What's an Arcade without pinball? Of course we have Pinball!




Air Hockey Fans, we have 2 of these set to FREE PLAY.

Neo Geo: 4 Slot Game

Ultracade: Another system with over 1800 games built in!


We also keep a game tech on the floor during our busy times to assist with any games not working properly so you can get back to playing! Do not hesitate to ask for assistance as in most circumstances it is quick and easy fix.

We also have a Billiards section with 2 tables for all you pool players out there at only 50 cents per game.

and last but not least is our crane machines and other prize redemption games that takes quarters so you can win some prizes to take home.